Nudy Nail Glue
Nudy Nail Glue

Nudy Nail Glue



 Most of our orders include only nail stickers as we are a small business,

If you want a stronger and longer hold please consider purchasing nail adhesive.

*This can only be ordered with other press ons, to lessen unnecessary postage.

  • Quick and Simple to install 
  • Customizable, shape, or cut to your taste
  • Strong and Long lasting
  • Save the $$$ you spent at your local nail salon


Our unique and pretty nail designs are custom made and picked by past Nail artists!

Everytime you order, you support a Nail Artist's work!


Installation is simple, depending on wether your receive your nails in a bag or box, all you have to do is use glue/stickers to stick your nails on!


1. Spread out all nail pieces

2. Fit a nail piece to each of your nails

3. Place sticker or Glue your Fake nails to your nail

4. Rock those babies!


Your package comes with plenty of nail pieces to make sure you have the PERFECT fit for your nail. 


**What's Included in your order

- 1 Nail Glue Adhesive